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Vikings Invade Missouri
2013 VCOA Midsommar Regional Event Recap

On the weekend of June 21st-23rd, the city of Lexington, Missouri was invaded (once again!)  by about 80 members of the Volvo Army!   Fortunately we were received with much more welcome than the last invaders – the Union Army (in 1861 and again in 1864) – as a bonus, we didn’t take prisoners and we didn’t leave a cannonball embedded in a column of the Court House when we left!   (Although we may have left random oil spots behind.)

The city of Lexington held their annual Downtown Street Fair in conjunction with the VCOA Midsommar 2013 Regional event and went so far as to name it “Midsommar on Main Street”.   The Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically embraced the “Volvo theme” of the event and thanks to widespread publication and marketing; the three day event drew significant numbers of the residents of the city of Lexington as well as the surrounding counties of northwest Missouri.   Most were there to get a glimpse of Irv Gordon and his fabled “3 Million Mile Volvo”.   It is amazing what a large crowd one man and his small red  car can attract.

The Car Show portion of the event offered a field of 55 cars along with their owners and other assorted “Volvo Family and Friends”.    12 states were represented, providing a true Border to Border, Coast to Coast assortment of Volvos made between 1947 and 2013.

Activities started off on Friday night with a Pizza Party complete with a welcoming address by his honor, Jerry E. Brown, the Mayor of Lexington, along with words of thanks from Penny Grosso from the Lexington Chamber of Commerce – our “Point Person” (and best friend) from the first day of planning of this event.

Saturday started with the Car Show where 10 classes of cars were judged, ranging from the venerable “PV’s” (including a 1947 PV444) to the most modern models currently available from your friendly local dealer.   Not to be ignored was the “Modified” class, encompassing an 1800E Convertible, a Ford 5.0L V8 powered242DL, and a remarkable 244DL that has been “enhanced” front to rear – top to bottom for handling and performance.   While the car show was in progress, the City of Lexington offered hourly Bus Tours of “Historic Lexington”, Civil War Battlefields and other regional areas of interest.  There was live music from the court house steps and a free Ice Cream Social – a true slice of “The Real Midwest”.

During the show there were Prize Drawings including some very interesting, pricey and Volvo specific tools and parts.   An unexpected highlight of the day was a well attended “Tech Session” with Irv Gordon where he spent nearly an hour (thankfully in the shade of a large tree on the court house lawn) fielding questions with great enthusiasm and surprising humor on seemingly every subject.

Following the show, the collective group reassembled at the city park for a leisurely evening involving a BBQ dinner and the awards ceremony.   This was followed by the always challenging – and entertaining! – “Volvo Trivia” Game that taxed even the most knowledgeable Volvo enthusiasts present.

Sunday morning found us at the Moose Lodge (an appropriate venue for Swedish car enthusiasts) for breakfast followed by the Poker Run along the road paralleling the Missouri River.    Upon return to the Moose Lodge we were treated to a “Wine Tasting” set up by regional vintners and the opportunity to bid farewell to friends – old and new.

The Heart of America Chapter is especially grateful to the sponsors of our event.  Without their assistance and enthusiastic support the event simply could not have been possible.

Alphatech, Boulevard Brewing Company, Carriage and Motor Works, FCP Groton, Hendrick Volvo of Kansas City,  iRoll Motors, Lafayette Regional Health Center, the City of Lexington, the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce,  NAPA Auto Parts, Rockauto.com,  Swedish Car Parts, and VP Autoparts.


1st        1960 PV544 – Eldon Hammond, Pana, IL
2nd       1967 P210 – Bart Klein, Kansas City, MO
3rd        1947 PV444 – Alexander Zatsorenko, Bensenville, IL

1st        1966 122S – Jim Henderson, Weatherby Lake, MO
2nd       1966 122S – Jean McGee, Des Moines, IA
3rd        1974 164E – Carlos Moya, St. Joseph, MO

P1800/1800S (1961-1969)
1st        1969 1800S – Glen McMillin, St. Peters, MO
2nd       1967 1800S – Robert Thomison, Nashville, TN
3rd        1966 1800S – Irv Gordon, East Patchogue, NY

1800E/ES (1970-1973)
1st        1972 1800E – Brad Tally, Overland Park, KS
2nd       1971 1800E – Nathan Hill, Antioch, IL
3rd        1973 1800ES – Robert Dahlberg, Des Moines, IA

1st        1983 242 – Jeff Schuman, Overland Park, KS
2nd       1989 240 – Chase Young, Des Moines, IA
3rd        1978 242DL – Decklan Miller-McGee, Plano, TX

1st        1987 740GLE – Jeff Willie, Allen, TX
2nd       1992 960 – Piotr Kornacki, Affton, MO
3rd        1987 745 – Robert Lindwall, Kansas City, MO

850/S70/V70 (thru 1999)
1st        1994 850 – Lawrence Haugen, Tomahawk, WI
2nd       1995 855 T5R – Scott Peper, Gladstone, MO
3rd        1995 850 T5R – Brandon Porter, Independence, MO

1st        2013 C30 – Rob Clarke, Bourbonnais, IL
2nd       2004 S40 – Connor Kleck, Bentonville, AR
3rd        2005 V50 – John Ahles, Neenah, WI

V70 (2000>)/XC60/XC70/XC90
1st        2013 XC90 – Phil Karnes, Bloomington, IL
2nd       2008 V70 – Robert Haisch, Lawrence, KS
3rd        2006 XC90 – Nick Tosie, Arnold, MO

1st        1971 1800E Convertible – Denis Levangie, Springfield, MO
2nd       1989 244DL – David Henderson, Gladstone, MO
3rd        1981 242DL 5.0L V8 – Chris Strong, Plano, TX


Overall Best In Show
1987 740GLE – Jeff Willie, Allen, TX

City of Lexington People’s Choice
1967 P210 – Bart Klein, Kansas City, MO

Dealers Choice Award – Hendrick Volvo of Kansas City
1965 PV544 – Chris Kresser, Ballwin, MO

Irv Gordon’s Choice Award
1966 122S – Jim Henderson, Weatherby Lake, MO

Youngest Volvo Enthusiast (Driver)
Mike Thibodeau, Fairway, KS  (2001 S40)

Highest Mileage (Excluding Irv Gordon)
602,567 miles – 1987 745  Robert Lindwall, Kansas City, MO

Longest Distance Driven to Event
1,924 miles – 1987 740GLE  Jeff Willie, Allen, TX (via Clearwater, FL)

And finally, the highly coveted “Bud Tugley” award
for the “Volvo Most in Need of TLC”

1985 245 – Meghan Porter, Independence, MO

From Bart Klein – Midsommar 2013 Chairman

We would specially like to commend Penny Grosso from the city of Lexington for all the effort and assistance she provided.   We have never experienced anyone as helpful and enthusiastic as Penny at any prior Midsommar event.  Her contributions from the very first days of planning made this one of the best Heart of America VCOA Chapter events ever held.

We would also like to thank the following VCOA members who gave a significant part of their time to make Midsommar a success:

  • Debbie Coomes – Hendricks Volvo, Kansas City
  • Don Mackey – Art/Website
  • Jim Henderson – Car Show Operations
  • Scott Peper – Volvo Trivia
  • Brad Tally – Attendee Registration
  • Phil Turner – Awards /Communications